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camer vision's aims




To inform

through reliable sources to foster a structured reflection on contemporary political topics in Cameroon.

To propose

solutions geared to current issues to rethink the future of Cameroon.

To discuss

recommendations made by web contributors to facilitate the citizen debate in Cameroon.


Camer Vision is a civic initiative which aims to enable all Cameroonian web users to formulate ideas, suggestions and/or solutions concerning political, social, economic and environmental developments in Cameroon.

Camer Vision is not a political party, but Camer Vision is an initiative led by an apolitical civil society.

From a set of hundred of ideas elaborated by Cameroonians, the best will be selected in order to feed the public debate and transform public policies to accelerate the emergence of Cameroon over the next few years.

Camer Vision's ambition is to give a voice to Cameroonians of nationality and origin (thereby including the diaspora) and to become a space of dialogue between those who seek to be more informed and those proposing alternatives to the difficulties the country currently faces.







With a surface area close to 475,000 km², situation in heart of the Gulf of Guinea, “Africa in miniature” is a country known for its exceptional human and natural wealth (with 23 million residents which are particularly entrepreneurial and particularly well trained).

The government’s vision for Cameroon? It was elaborated in 2009 for a horizon of 25-30 years. It aims for “Cameroon: an emerging and democratic country united in its diversity”.


In this perspective, many socio-economic challenges are to take into account in Cameroon.

Camer Vision’s platform constituted an opportunity to discuss and offer ideas.











My proposal


​​Participating in the elaboration of proposals for new solutions for Cameroon is simple! You can proceed as follows:

1) Explain what makes you proud of being Cameroonian (100 words maximum)

2) Describe the problem which you are concerned about (150 words maximum)

3) Formulate a solution (250 words maximum)


Make sure that your propositions are synthetic and rigorous, innovative and respectful of all by consulting Camer Vision’s Charter (given below). You can decide to remain anonymous or not.

Following a review by our team, your proposition will be published on our website and up for discussion on the proposed idea(s).

Don’t forget to share our project on social media so that we can all mobilize for a better Cameroon!











The Camer Vision Charter

Art.1 All member of the Cameroonian community can formulate a proposition on this platform. Camer Vision engages with the Cameroonian community at large, including Cameroonians in the country, the diaspora and those of Cameroonian origin.​

Art.2 The Camer Vision platform opened to the public in the second half of 2017 and will be open to proposals as long as the platform will remain open.

Art.3 All proposals must be written in one of the two official languages of Cameroon (French and English).

Art.4 After having explained what makes you proud to be Cameroonian, all proposal must be formulated as follows: describe the problem in 150 words maximum, then express your solution(s) in 250 words maximum.

Art.5 The problem mentioned in a proposal must concern Cameroon and must be of national or regional interest. Specific issues concerning an organisation, a village, a commune or a department, or which are of a continental or global scale, can only be dealt with on this platform if they are related to a national or regional issue. Proposals which relate to interpersonal issues will be dismissed.

Art.6 The contributor has the possibility of making their proposal anonymous. However, all contributo which validates their proposal consents to share their personal details (alias and e-mail address). Camer Vision commits to using this information only within the framework of this project and will delete them from its database if the contributors asks us to do so.

Art.7 The opinions expressed in the proposals are not attributed to Camer Vision, but to their authors.

Art.8 The proposals must be formulated in a style which is understandable by all. The opinions expressed must be respectful of individuals’ dignity and of proper mores. All proposal containing injurious and defamatory remarks will be dismissed.

Art.9 The proposals formulated on this platform will be published by Camer Vision after review by our internal team to ensure that they are aligned with the Charter. This disposition is essential to prevent the publication of outlandish proposals and guarantee a certain degree of seriousness.

Art.10 The proposals which do not respect the Charter will not be taken into account.




For all question or suggestion, we are reachable via email : equipecamervision@gmail.com

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